Add your house to Santa's route

Every year Santa must visit thousands of boys and girls across the world to deliver presents. It is important that he visits them in an order that will keep his sleigh ride as short as possible. This webpage is designed to help work out the shortest route for Santa to take. As the software works on the problem the route will change and improve over time.
To add your house to Santa's list, find your house on the map and right click.
Click here to refresh the map.


Disclaimer: Adding your house to the map does not guarantee a visit, you must have been a good girl / boy / lady / gentleman all year as well!
Please remember that the location that you enter and your name will be visible on the map for all to see.

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This demo was constructed by Dr Neil Urquhart @ The School of Computing, Edinburgh Napier University, Scotland. To find out more about the technology behind this demo email me.